In a Christian, egalitarian marriage there is both headship and authority. But the headship and authority is Jesus instead of human hierarchy. Husband and wife are free to live in to their gifts and strengths and figure out what following Jesus looks like together.


Heirs Together by Patricia Gundry (book)

This book takes a look at biblical passages often mis-used to support hierarchy in marriage and offers practical advice for applying mutual submission in every day marriage. 

What Does Egalitarian Marriage Look Like?  (article)

This article is a great starting point for couples and pastors who wish to identify their place in an egalitarian marriage from the perspective of a couple who has functioned in multiple ideologies of marriage.

What do I do with the word Submission?   (video)

Listen or watch these two 30-minute lectures where Dr. David Ward unpacks the reversal of household codes and the mutual submission of Ephesians 5.

Part I                 Part II

What is Male Headship?  (article)

This article shows what the 1st century meaning of the word ‘head’ was and helps us make faithful application to the 21st and to marriage.

Partners in Marriage & Ministry by Ronald Pierce  (book)

This book tackles many of the mis-used marriage passages and shows how God has created marriages to live together in shared partnership and yielding love.