Our Vision

In a world that struggles under the weight of brokenness, we need a Sacred Alliance.  We need women and men co-laboring to restore equity and wholeness by moving past privileges and preconceptions.  We need to reshape the ways women and men serve in ministry together.  We need to cast a vision for equity in an increasingly diverse Church.  Will you join this Sacred Alliance of women and men co-laboring in the ministry of reconciliation?

  • Advocacy: Providing a biblically grounded voice for equity and mutuality in ministry and leadership.

  • Scholarship: Providing a platform for pastors and scholars to share their research in biblical, theological, and historical foundations for reconciliation.

  • Leadership Development: Coming alongside individuals and churches as they discover their calling to work toward equity and wholeness.

  • Networking: Growing a community of men and women who believe that co-laboring in Christ’s ministry of reconciliation is the way forward for the Church.

  • Education: Reshaping our view of ministry in accordance with the Scriptures by sharing and developing learning resources.

Advocacy – Scholarship – Leadership Development – Networking - Education

The Sacred Alliance… stirring hope, instigating discussion, inspiring imagination and opening up possibilities.