Our Vision

In a world distracted by power and position … we need a SACRED ALLIANCE. We need women and men intentionally moving past privilege and preconceptions, toward a relevant and accessible Gospel that engages everyone’s gifts. It is not a question of rights but a conviction that serving God together is the best way to accomplish the mission of the Church.

  • Advocacy: providing an alternative voice that points people to resources, training and stories of success.
  • Deployment: carving better pathways for called and equipped women to land where they are free to lead
  • Leadership Development: coming alongside women as they discover their callings and strengthen their leadership
  • Education: reshaping our view of women and men in accordance with the Scriptures through resources and research.
  • Networking: growing a community of men and women committed to mutual ministry as the way forward for the Church.                                               

Advocacy – Deployment – Networking – Education - Leadership Development

The Sacred Alliance… stirring hope, instigating discussion, inspiring imagination and opening up possibilities.