Academic Resources

Ready to move to the next level in the conversation around women in ministry and leadership? These excellent academic resources will challenge you to unpack some of the often mis-appropriated passages and tie them back to the overarching trajectory of Scripture.


Why Not Women? by Cunningham, Hamilton and Rogers (book)

What does the Bible say about women in leadership and in ministry and why does it matter? This book takes a serious look at the attitudes toward women in ancient culture, contrasted with God’s original design. Examples of women leaders in the Bible and in history or offered.

Good News for Women by Rebecca Groothuis (book)

This book is a biblical picture of gender equality. It examines the overall outline of Biblical teaching, logically working through the contradictions of gender hierarchy today and defending equality as the universally applicable Biblical teaching.

What Paul REALLY Said About Women by John Bristow (book)

If you can get past the dated cover, this book offers a great historical look at the socio-political context of Paul’s day and how that helps us understand his writing. It helps us understand Paul's liberating views on equality in marriage, leadership and love.