The Sacred Alliance Perspective

Sacred Alliance is birthed out of the Wesleyan tradition, though this community includes folks from lots of different corners of the faith map. Below you'll find some resources that reflect Sacred Alliance's Wesleyan roots that run deep in their effort to empower women to lead. 


Beyond Sex Roles by Gilbert Bilezikian (book)

What does the Bible say about female roles in the family and the church? This book is an excellent primer that examines the key texts of Scripture which help us understand female roles, affirming full equality of the sexes in the family and the church.  

Is there a biblical foundation for Egalitarianism? (video)

These two videos offer insight into the biblical model for egalitarian ministry as explained by Dr. Ben Witherington III on the Youtube teaching tool: Seven Minute Seminary.

Part I                   Part II

Why do Wesleyans support women in ministry? (article)

This article written by Dr. Ken Schenck is short and sweet, and offers a theological and Scriptural framework for embracing women in ministry.

What is the Wesleyan view of women in ministry and leadership? (position paper)

This article explains the perspective of women in ministry that is held by both the Wesleyan Church and Sacred Alliance. 

Complementarian - Egalitarian Spectrum (article)

This article offers the spectrum of perspectives that surround men and women in leadership and ministry. See if you can identify where you land on the spectrum.