Where do I start?

New to the conversation? Wondering what words like 'egalitarian' and 'mutual ministry' mean? Questioning whether there is Biblical support for women at every level of leadership in the church and in the marriage? This is the place to start.


What is ‘Egalitarian’ and what is ‘Complementation’? (article)

This quick article gives introductory definitions to these terms you hear thrown around.

Sermon on the Bible and Women in Ministry (video)

Listen to or watch this 50-minute sermon by Dr. Dave Ward as he unpacks OT and NT passages and shares his own reversal on beliefs about women in ministry after carefully studying Scripture.

Christians for Biblical Equality (website)

With a library, blog, publications and an annual conference, this international organization has been pushing the conversation around gender, ethnic and economic equality forward for church for over 20 years. 

Beyond Sex Roles by Gilbert Bilezikian (book)

What does the Bible say about female roles in the family and the church? This book is an excellent primer that examines the key texts of Scripture which help us understand female roles, affirming full equality of the sexes in the family and the church.

How I Changed my Mind About Women in Leadership (book)

This book gathers compelling stories from prominent evangelicals who changed their mind about gender roles and embraced a view that recognizes the full shared partnership of leadership in the home and the church.

Discovering Biblical Equality edited by Groothuis & Pierce (book)

This book brings together the work of twenty-six evangelical scholars to study Scripture. This positive defense of biblical equality is scholarly and practical.

Exploring Christian Egalitarianism (blog)

This blog by Marg Mowczko explores the biblical theology of Christian egalitarianism. There is a lot there, but here's a great article to start from. 

Still Side by Side for group or individual use (a study)

This 27 page digital study, available in eighteen languages, has questions and reading that serves as an introduction to biblical equality.