We Want Your Stories! 

Complete our submission form and tell us about the story you'd like to see published on Sacred Alliance's Story Collective page. We welcome writing from both women and men that showcases women in various leadership capacities. 

What kind of stories? 

We are looking for stories that support our vision: to lift women leaders through narrative. Tell us about the baptism you recently performed. A conversation you had with your child. The way you chose to respond to an issue in your community. A dicey board meeting you navigated. Moments that invite people to reimagine the world around them. 

...Have a story in mind?

...Think you might have a story but need some guidance putting it together?

...Know you want to write but don't know about what? 

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Story Inspiration

Here are some prompts to help you start thinking about the story (or stories!) you might like to tell. 

  • CALLING: We’re interested in stories about feeling called into ministry or other leadership positions, wrestling with a calling, or watching someone work through a calling.
  • CHALLENGES: Tell us about a time that was difficult for you as a leader, a challenge you anticipate, or a hardship you have observed in someone else.
  • SUCCESSES: Where have you experienced victory? What is your moment of greatest joy in ministry? How have you championed another as she worked toward success?
  • CONNECTIONS: Send us stories about the people who have been a part of your leadership journey. Did someone advocate for you at a significant moment? Did you advocate for someone else? Did a brief networking encounter lead to new opportunities for you? Have you benefitted from a mentor? Has a friend or family member said something that changed your perspective?

If you have an idea that does not fit one of these prompts, we still want to hear it. We will consider all work that fulfills our vision to lift women leaders through narrative.

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Sacred Alliance is a ministry of Wesley Seminary, located at Indiana Wesleyan University. While your personal beliefs and values do not need to completely align with ours, we will not publish work that refutes or significantly conflicts with Wesley Seminary’s teaching and practice.